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Nothing Permanent Lasts John Deery and The Heads

‘John Deery and The Heads have three really superb records behind them now and Nothing Permanent Lasts is the latest in that line of fabulous releases. Fair play to them.’  Ralph McLean , Local Voices, BBC Radio Ulster

Nothing Permanent Lasts is fabulous, Great album, beautiful harmonies, thought-provoking lyrics, I’m looking forward to listening to much more”    Eve Blair, The Late Show, BBC Radio Ulster

“It’s a brilliant record…John Deery’s songs are absolutely superb”    Stephen McCauley, BBC Radio Foyle

“Nothing Permanent Lasts is a profound statement, don’t you think?”    Eamon Friel, BBC Radio Foyle

“If you like lyrical, acoustically-driven, very meditative, thoughtful approach to life and times, John Deery and The Heads could be the band for you”    Mark Patterson, BBC Radio Foyle


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John Deery and The Heads are a band from Derry, Northern Ireland. Known for their "Thought-provoking Acoustic Anthems" and vocal harmonies, the band have a reputation as one of NI's finest original bands.
Their third stuio album Nothing Permanent Lasts is available now

Formed in 2010 by distinguished singer-songwriter John and his brother Matt, John Deery and The Heads recorded their debut album 'Smoke and Mirrors'(2010), in France with 'The Frames' producer David Odlum. It was a critical and commercial success and gained the band an army of fans including well-known music critics and broadcasters. The Heads' second album 'Horizon'(2013), was released to coincide with the Derry~Londonderry CIty of Culture year and saw the band cement their reputation.

2014 was a landmark year for the band, with several high profile live shows including gigs with The Beach Boys, MTV Crashes, Other Voices and BBC showcases like Ralph McLean's Annual Flowerfield Arts Centre show.

In May 2015 John Deery and The Heads released 'Echoes'- the band's first Live album, featuring 25 tracks of old favourites and new material. With the band now recording their third studio album, John Deery and The Heads continue to craft their own unique brand of insightful, poetic and inspiring acoustic music.

John Deery and The Heads' Latest album Nothing Permanent Lasts has received widespread critical acclaim and national radio play, with songs like "Just Kids", "Circles", "Burden" and the title track "Nothing Permanent Lasts" proving popular among fans and critics alike





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